Our philosophy


All kids are different. They smile, play and talk in their own way. They are interested in different things. We use our energy to discover and appreciate the differences. We do not want to make them similar.

Our team is well trained and experienced. We would like to make sure that your child spends an enjoyable and encouraging time. It is our aim that you know your child is in caring and professional hands, while you are at work or doing other duties. Your child will benefit from new social inputs 
and its education is enhanced.

We are not a bilingual nursery. But we are convinced, that your child will benefit from its mother tongue learned at home and Swiss German as a second language, which is quickly learned at the Stärnschnuppe. It may already be a first step for the integration in the Swiss neighbourhood.

Childcare Stärnschnuppe Kriens
For happy children and satisfied parents